domingo, 17 de julho de 2011


Hey guys!

Que porra é essa cara? porque esta falando em inglês?

Ok listen this is a pretty especial message for someone i like a lot!
She is wonderful she's the best i hope she will be my best friend ( or maybe something more. cough )
and she is really beautiful after all!
sei, sei, safadeeenho xD
 we met each other over youtube since 19/06/2011 first thing that i told her was.

"nothing special. taking drugs! hehe i'm joking
no, i'm bothering peaple who loves christina perri's songs"

we've written a lot each other since first time. but this is my message number 500!

and i thought. why not? why can't i make it especial ?

Isabella Anderson you won my affection my friendship and my true respect never forget it.
you're inside my heart. i rare you sweetheart.

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